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We offer a wide selection of business banking products to meet your specific needs. Talk with one of our personal bankers today to learn how quick and easy it is to open new or to switch existing accounts to Commerce Bank of Arizona. Experience the benefits of banking with “Your Hometown Bank.” For more information, visit:

“Commerce Bank of Arizona’s management team understands your business and personal financial needs. We understand because we, like you, live in Arizona, raise our families, and grow our businesses here.”

President and Chief Executive Officer, John S. Lewis

In 2001, a group of experienced business men and women in Arizona recognized the need for a customer-oriented community bank that focused on small businesses and that offered local oversight and decision-making on lending requests. They pooled their considerable business expertise and founded Commerce Bank of Arizona, which opened its doors on August 5, 2002, at 3805 E. Broadway Blvd., Tucson. We had 12 employees and $7,300,000 in capital. As of the spring 2011, Commerce Bank of Arizona employs over 60 people, operates seven branches from Greater Phoenix in the north to Tubac in the south, and has total assets of over $270,000,000.

About Us

Commerce Bank of Arizona takes pride in joining the Tubac community and in offering its commercial and residential neighbors a wealth of personalized banking products and services. Contact Branch Manager Jaime Vasquez or Personal Banker Cristy Geisman at (520) 398-9395 for more information.

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