Artists Row - Working Artists

In an age where many artists work in isolation out of their home studios, and where the average Joe can browse through countless pieces of art via online galleries, Artists Row, a collection of art studios and artists, has been created to bring them back to a sharing community. The artists of La Entrada de Tubac are the sponsors and they invite visitors to be a part of the action. There, the impersonal is taken out of art, as visitors observe the artists hard at work and watch as a unique piece is crafted through beginning, middle or more

“My hope is that ‘Artist Row Tubac’ will bring back the in-house artist to Tubac. Though we're a small group right now, the long term vision is to fill the studios with talent and to give the client and the artist a place to create and to encourage visitors with an open and welcome atmosphere of sharing and learning.”

Pat Aguilar, owner of the gallery, Feminine Mystique, and organizer of Artists Row

The current best time to visit with the artists is Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Today if you strolled through the studios, you may see a painter, custom frame maker, jeweler, doll artist, photographer and or an antique window glass painter, busy at work.

Art Classes by local artists – January, February & March

Artist Row Tubac is excited to bring art classes to La Entrada de Tubac. We have selected 7 artists to participate this season. Now is a great opportunity to see how your favorite artist puts together their fabulous work. Class size is limited, so call today to make your reservation.

With the focus on giving back to the community, the artists invite conversation and questions. Visitors may also receive a demonstration in face sculpting along with refreshments, or a complimentary gift photograph of various southwest themes, or learn a new art technique in a mini session.

Daily: 10am - 5pm
(520) 398-0473